Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Moisturising, It's Simple

Merry meet, bloggers! :-) 

Today's blog post is about moisturising, if you couldn't tell by the title. It has taken me a while to find a moisturiser that I'm happy with, unfortunately having combination skin that's very sensitive, but now that I've finally found my perfect product, moisturising couldn't be simpler. 

Wondering what it is? Simple's kind to skin hydrating light moisturiser--and yes, I totally tried and failed to make a pun above! 

I absolutely love this moisturiser, I use it near enough every morning and night, and it's effects are definitely long-lasting--Simple claims it works for twelve hours, but I'm not too sure if it lasts that long. I apply it throughoughly to my face, and sometimes my neck, too, as I can get dry skin around the throat area. 

The moisturiser itself is light, odourless, smooth and sinks into the skin quickly. My skin feels refreshed, hydrated and soft to the touch quickly after use. It contains pro-vitamin B5 and vitamin E, along with glycerin and borage seed oil, which are described as 'skin loving ingredients'. Best of all, there are no artificial perfurmes, colouring or harsh chemicals, so for sensitive skin types like myself this moisturiser really is a perfect treat!

I bought the 125ml bottle at Boots for £3.79, an absolute bargain in my opinion as not much is needed for each use and it really ticks all the boxes. There is also currently a three-for-two offer on all Simple skincare products, and so I purchased two packets of the Simple kind to skin cleansing facial wipes too, which I love and have done for a couple of years.

I really can't fault this moisturiser! I would highly recommend this product to anyone wanting an affordable, light, hydrating moisturiser that won't irritate or upset your skin. It really is simple goodness!

Have a lovely day, and until next time! :-)

NOTD: A Tropical Touch

Merry meet, bloggers! :-)
Today I thought I would share with you a 'nail of the day'--my very first, to be exact! 

The nail polish I'm using is the Barry M Gelly Hi-Shine, in the shade 317 Guava, which was a bargain if you ask me at £3.99 from Boots. Now, I'm sure everyone has heard nothing but praise about the Gelly Hi-Shine range, which, if you haven't, you must have been living under a rock these past couple of months because it is uh-ma-zing! So, instead of writing reems about it's thick, long-lasting, sheeny shiny-ness, I thought I'd focus on the colour.

As soon as I reached the Barry M stand in Boots, this particular nail polish caught my eye. My favourite colour is duck-egg blue, and I love all greeny-blue colour variations, including turquoise. If I were to describe this colour, I would say 'tropical turquoise'. It's summery, bright, different from the usual pastel shades, and it has a tropical touch that I just fell in love with.

Argh, the camera wouldn't focus properly! This was the best shot of about 500000 tries!
This polish is named Guava, which, if you ask me, doesn't make much sense, as you'd expect a shade called Guava to be either a coral-pink or zesty-green shade--here's a picture of some guavas if you're not entirely sure on what they look like (in my opinion, they are a very pretty fruit!): 

Image Source: weheartit
The shade doesn't make much sense, does it? However, the name does quite suit the shade, in my opinion, and I'm not quite sure why. 

I've been wearing this shade a lot ever since I bought it--it matches perfectly with some jeans I bought from Primark a while back, and it's perfect to spruce up a more neutral outfit by adding a tropical, summery flare. The shade also looks fab with an accent nail--I've used Barry M's Croc Nail Effects in black with this nail polish and it looks wonderful!

I hope you're all having fabulous summers, and until next time! :-)

Saturday, 27 July 2013

A New and Motivated Me :-)

Merry meet, bloggers! :-)

How are you all? Enjoying your summer, I hope! Long time no see, hey?

I'd like to start off by apologising for my long-time absence, these past few months have been crazy, and I just haven't found the time or motivation to sit down and churn out some blog posts. However, this all changes today!

Recently, I was browsing through my Tumblr dashboard and I came across an image that was really, really powerful to me. As soon as I saw it everything just kind of, clicked. This is it:

Credit: Tumblr
This, for me, basically means that if I sit around my 'dream' life isn't going to come to me. I'm going to have to work hard to live the life I want, I'm going to have to take the decision to change and put plans into motion. For me, this simple image is so motivating and inspiring. I have quite a few goals I want to achieve in my life, and I'm going to start small and begin working towards them, powered by this image and a vision in my head. 

Of course, nobody can go walking around with rose-tinted vision, I know that I won't achieve everything, but as long as I'm happy with what I've achieved, that will be enough. Now that it is the Summer break, I can really work on areas of my life I think need improving. 

One particular place I feel needs some love and care is this blog. This summer, I plan to really kickstart my blog into action. With weeks of free time, hopefully my blog will come out of Summer a livelier, loved place! Oh, and have you seen my new theme? It's so bright and pretty! A fresh, new theme for a fresh, new start!

So, readers, hopefully this quote will motivate you to go out and work on achieving some goals. Some can be big, some can be small--one of my goals for this summer is simply to become more sociable! 

Until next time, bloggers, and be sure to watch this space, as I have a lot planned! :-)


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