Saturday, 9 March 2013

DIY: Mother's Day Cards!

Merry Meet, bloggers! :-)

Tomorrow in Britain, it's Mother's Day. Me and my Mum get along really, really well, and along with the usually gifts of chocolate, flowers and perfume, I wanted to do something a bit more unique. After wondering what I could do for a while, I decided to make a Mother's Day card with a bit more of a personal touch. 
First, I browsed around online for some funny Mother's Day verses. There were a few, but then a particular website caught my eye, which allowed you to make free eCards--and insert your mum's face into them! I thought this was a really great idea, especially since there were a some good cards on there. You can view the website here.

Once I had chosen my card, inserted in my mum's face, and tweaked the verse a little, I wasn't satisfied--it was a little too plain--so I print-screened the card, and printed it out on some glossy photo paper. I also went onto, selected a pretty cursive font (Always In My Heart) and printed out the word 'Mum' on a plain piece of paper, along with three adorable little heart shapes, which came with the font.

I next got some pastel card, crinkle-cut scissors, some PVA glue, acrylic paint and my craft knife and cutting board, all from my cupboard of art supplies (GCSE Art Student over here;-)!). I then set about making my card.

I may have possibly forgot to put the scissors into the shot...oops?

I folded my pastel card in half, turning it landscape. After cutting out the words 'Mum' and the little hearts using my craft knife, I used the paper with the cut-out words and hearts to create a stencil, using my acrylic paint (if you wanted to try this out, readymix would work too) to stencil the text and hearts onto the front (and later on, inside) of my card.

Looks a little plain, doesn't it? I thought so too, so I grabbed a sparkly pink gel pain and sketched on some sparkle-type things, dotting them around the blank spaces.

Finally, I used my crinkle-cut scissors to cut a boarder around the eCard. Once it was looking nice and pretty, I used PVA glue to stick it to the inside of the card, and then, voila! One pretty and unique Mother's Day card, the whole process taking about an hour at the most! 

And here's the finished result! 

(yes, I blurred out my mum's face, for privacy reasons.)

Looks adorable, doesn't it? Why not try this out for your Mum for Mother's Day? It's quite simple, and if you've forgotten to get your Mum a card (naughty!), this is a quick fix that I'm sure she'll appreciate more than those expensive shop-bought cards.

I'll let you all know in my next blog post of my Mum's thoughts, so hwyl fawr until next time! :-)


accentgirl100 said...

Great post, such a good idea, and as you said at the end, bet your Mum appreciated it so much!
Love your blog! I have followed :) Just to let you know I have nominated you for the Liebster award :) All details are at this post :

Nina said...

Oh my god, what a great idea! I hope your mom was very happy with it (I bet she was).
Thanks for following btw. I love your layout + followed back :)
xoNina <3

emilyetc said...


Awe, thank-you, and she was very much, haha! It was no problem, thank-you for following back and commenting!


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